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Dr. Amine Mcharek, International Consultant on Economic and Policy Issues of Digital Transformation attended the 13th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit in Dubai. During the event, he moderated a panel discussion regarding capacity planning in the 5G data era. The topic of managing the huge amounts of data generated in the 5G era was analyzed in detail. He explained further in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, and gives more details about aligning capacity planning with 5G digital services plans.

Mavenir participated in the 13th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit. 5G and cybersecurity were discussed in detail at the event. Ilia Abramov, VP, GM, Security Business Unit, explained in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review the main security challenges in the digital era and the approach required to secure 5G networks.

CEO of Fiber Misr, Ahmed Mekky discusses the company’s focus on becoming and remaining a key player within the market as an infrastructure provider at the 13th edition of the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit 2019. The company was awarded a number of megaprojects in Egypt, some of which pertained to education and data centers and were recently given public enterprise projects.

It has been two years since Virgin Mobile brought the first fully digital mobile service to the country. Virgin Mobile offers a simple and transparent technology through its innovative app-based service. It prides itself on delivering an unmatched consumer experience and continues to find ways to improve its service.

Telecom Review had the opportunity to sit down with Karim Benkirane, managing director, Virgin Mobile UAE, to discuss how Virgin Mobile keeps up with customer demands.

Summit Sessions

Mr. Toni Eid, Founder of Telecom Review and CEO of Trace Media gives the opening welcome note at the 13th Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit.

Dr. Eesa Bastaki, President, University of Dubai, highlights the history of the technological evolution in his official opening keynote.

Mr. Mike van den Bergh, the Chief Global Strategy and Marketing Officer, PCCW Global gives a keynote about how PCCW Global transformed from a legacy carrier to a technology company.

An Jian, President of Carrier Business Group, Huawei Middle East Region explains in his keynote how to make 5G a commercial success.

One of the interesting sessions at the 13th edition was the debate between Eid and Hatem Dowidar, CEO, Etisalat International.

The Telecom Leaders’ panel was comprised of Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Misr, Jacek Passia, Regional Executive & Programme Director at Vodafone, Ahmed Mekky, CEO of Fiber Misr, Dr. Ahmed Sindi, CEO of Dawiyat, and Engineer Mohamed Ben Amor, Secretary-General at AICTO. The panel was moderated by Ghazi Atallah, CEO of NXN.

Mr. Patrick Sullivan provided an overview of how Verizon is developing network services and digital interaction with customers to make sure that they are successful in the fourth revolution.

Frederic Schepens, CEO, MTN GlobalConnect, was one of this year’s keynote speakers. He began by reiterating MTN GlobalConnect’s belief that everyone deserves the benefit of a modern, connected life.